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Good things start with a well-thought-out brand strategy.

Do you consider yourself a maverick, or old school? Does your business serve a basic need, or a luxury? Are you targeting young professionals or retirees?

At Blue Iguana Media we know that nowadays, customers want to know if they can trust you. And one of the best ways to show your business is credible–right from the very first glimpse–is to own a visually appealing, consistent brand that speaks to their needs and values

We are committed to consistently delivering high quality designs.

Logo creation & branding

A logo design and your brand is just the beginning of building a successful and noticeable business. Our Houston digital marketing agency will ensure that our designs reflect your business values and intentions, while working closely with you to develop a brand that will no doubt help you stand out from your competitors. Small businesses can benefit greatly from a well thought out logo.

branding services in Houston Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company
branding services in Houston Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers love to work on illustrations and print projects! We absolutely believe that print still has its place in marketing, and are happy to offer design services for brochures, magazine ads, packaging, signage, and more, in basic we do it all

Our Graphic Designs Drive Solutions

Great graphic design should work hard to communicate your brand messages and make an immediate connection with your target audiences. Our strategic approach means we’ll create a brand identity that truly represents who you are as a business so that it will be a valuable tool to help you achieve your business goals.

branding services in Houston Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company

A successful brand is more than just a simple logo, it’s an identity.

branding services in Houston Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company

Our steps are simple as:

  • Step One: You’ll share your story with us: your vision, who buys your products, and what makes your business different.
  • Step Two: We’ll research your market and brainstorm until we come up with your brand’s key messages and target customer profiles.
  • Step Three: Based on the brand messaging, our designers will create your brand kit (this includes the logo, fonts, and color scheme).
  • Step Four: We’ll present at least four design options, take your feedback, and revise until you’re satisfied.
  • Step Five: We’ll finalize the design and submit the templates you can use to promote your brand–all within a month after our first meeting

Yes, this is exactly what we do. We provide custom logo design services based on your company profile, design ideas, and style preferences. We can create a custom logo based on your idea and/or provide our own unique concepts.

In most cases, it would take from 3 – 5 business days for us to send you the first phase of the drafts logo design. Once the first phase is completed, we wait for feedback. We will then use these comments to come up with the second phase of the logo design (if needed). Usually, our clients are satisfied with initial designs.

Your logo should:

  • Reflect the brand values of your product or service
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Be aesthetically pleasing
  • Gain recognition quickly
  • Be unique and built from scratch just for you
  • Drives your sales

Many of our clients are unsure of what they want or what will make best impressions. Give us as much information as you can about what you like on the order form. Or, you can tell us “to go for it” and we’re make our best guess-estimates of what you may need.

Yes! Our white label graphic design services give your agency a competitive edge. We can handle all of your client’s graphic design needs while your business takes all the credit. Get in touch with us and let’s get to work.

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