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Improving sales & customer experience for a leader printing company.

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Impresos Continuos

Impresos Continuos is a leader company manufacturers of continuous forms with more than 29 years in the Peruvian market.


Lima, Peru


Commercial Press Printing

Services we provided

Visual Identity, Project strategy, UX/UI and Content strategy, Website design, CMS integration, Multi-step forms & SEO services.


HTML5/CSS, CMS WordPress

Lead time

4 Weeks

We’re so proud to say that Impresos Continuos launched its new website. This website has been structured, designed, and developed in less than 4 weeks.

We refreshed Impresos Continuos’s branding with an updated logo and new visual identity. A new website environment with information architecture derived from our CX research and content strategy helped to successfully rank #1 on Google. We also built a systemic, and easy-to-use CMS platform using Wordpres.

We’re looking forward to a continued partnership with Impresos Continuos as we discover new ways to improve their website and its marketing environment.

What's next?



Leveling up the brand experience with a clean website, identity guideline and custom design for an innovative app.

We’ve been truly privileged to have worked with great people across multiple industries.

«10/10 best experience with web design & logo creation. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with Blue Iguana Media! Through out our entire communication, they displayed the upmost professionalism, timely communication, & brilliant creativity. I will be a life long returning client, as my expectations were exceeded!»

Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company
— Tyler Kay
Owner, Bloom Bloom Pow

«It has been a pleasure working with these guys. I appreciate your dedication to the projects that you are on. It is nice from the customers stand point to be able to get in touch with your team in any moment and you guys always made yourselves available. You did a great job for us and I would recommend you to anyone.»

Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company
— Brandon Radames
CEO, Kee Services Co.

«I went to Blue Iguana Media with a basic “feel” I wanted in a logo design. They helped me to get a better idea in the visual layout and content. Your services are bargain when you weigh the cost versus the product you receive. I will be using them again in future endeavors. Thanks again!»

Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company
— Gladys Fadden

«Working with Blue Iguana was a pleasant experience. Two things in particular about their service is exceptional: their speed of response to emails, they were always available to answer my questions. Secondly they demonstrated a clear understanding of the scope and nature of the project and delivered accordingly.»

Blue Iguana Media: Houston Web Design Company
— Marissa Myers
Owner, Trendy Hut

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